Triple A website protect

When your data or webshop is compromised by hackers the biggest damage is not alway’s the theft of your data, but loosing trust of your customers. If their private data is revealed by a hack they loose trust in your services and offerings and will no longer do business with you. It is tremendously difficult to regain that trust and get the customer back. Multiple companies went out of business because their website was not secure enough.

If you as a busines validate your customers trust and business you should do everything to keep their data safe. Trust needs to be gained everyday again.
The Triple A logo on your website can help in that as your customers know that their data is safe with you and is a way to let your customer know that you do everything to keep your site and data secured.

Triple A security scan

Two big concerns for companies is how to protect their data and how to prevent hackers from getting access to their intellectual property and customer data. The damage from data theft is huge, and company’s loose trust from their customers.

With a Tripple A security scan we scan your environment against all known vulnerabilities and help your system administrators to raise the level of security to get the Triple A status in security. We also scan your firewalls and bring out a report how to get a higher level of security on your firewall to protect you precious data and customer information.

A triple A scan ensures that you are ready for the future and protects you against all known hacking tools.


Triple A blackbox

Our patent pending Triple A black box is installed in your environment behind your traditional firewall. It does NOT replace your firewall, but is ment as a second line in defense system. All data that goes in and out your network is continiously inspected and the box creates a Heuristic data analisis of your normal workflow. All exceptions are being measured and reported in such way that we can see threats coming in and out and can stop virusses, hackers and other data that can infect your environment or steal your data.

With our Triple A Black Box your network has a second line of defense even when your firewall or network is hacked or infiltrated, the Triple A black box stops and protects data theft.

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