Triple A Command center

Our triple A secure command center is 24/7 monitoring and managing our customers. all Black boxes are listed and each Black Box will start and alert when an attack, DDOS attack or Virus infection is detected. Our data analisers will get these alerts and take countermeasures to stop the attack and repair the network service again.

commandAll devices are listed in our database and will sned out a signal with a colorcode to warn our administrators.

Colors vary depending the failure or attack so that the correct Triple A department gets a signal and countermeasures can be taken.

Green: everything is ok and the device runs as espected

Orange: a connection with the internet could not be established

Ligth-red: A DDOS attack is detected and internet connection is slow. A warning goes to our DDOS department who analises the threath and take countermeasures

Dark-red: a security flaw or attack is detected and the Black box stops the internet connection. In this situation your backend environment is completely cut off from the internet untill countermeasures are taken. Allthough your internet seems to be down during this situation it will stop the hacker from trying to get access to your data.