Triple A Webprotect

Every day we can read the news and see that again a website was compromised and hackers were able to steal user names, emailadresses, passwords and payment data.

What about your site?

When your data or webshop is compromised by hackers the biggest damage is not alway’s the theft of your data, but loosing trust of your customers. If their private data is revealed by a hack they loose trust in your services and offerings and will no longer do business with you. It is tremendously difficult to regain that trust and get the customer back. Multiple companies went out of business because their website was not secure enough.

If you as a busines validate your customers trust and business you should do everything to keep their data safe. Trust needs to be gained everyday again.
The Triple A logo on your website can help in that as your customers know that their data is safe with you and is a way to let your customer know that you do everything to keep your site and data secured.


With 3Asecure webprotect we can your website against a growing list of vulnerabilities. And because new leaks come out on a daily base, we scan your website every month and deliver you a comprehensive report with all findings. Our scan software is updated twice a day with all new vulnerabilities and our machine learning software makes our scanner smarter with every scan we do.

The patent pending 3Asecure scan engine scans your website against vulnerabilities, outdated software, SQL injects but we also try to get acces to usernames and passwords that give acces to your site. Each report contains a list of potential issues and with the links in each report you can see exactly what the finding means for your site and how you can close the leak and protect you customers data.

The report will help you and guide you to protect your site.

Want to see a demo scan? Get in touch with us through our contact page and start protecting your site.